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    Sunlink Group


    Sunlink was born from a workshop for bamboo and wood work back in 1980 in Xiashui Production Team of Beicun Shajiao Village in Shunde. In 1987, it emerged into the Beilian Trading Co.Ltd. , and two years later ,in 1989, it stepped into the industry of furniture city. 1994 is the year when Sunlink Industrial Co.Ltd was set up and also the biggest furniture city in Lecong was co-founded. In 1997, Sunlink has transformed into group company with the strategies focusing on commercial property investment in the Great Bay Area. A decade past, Sunlink Group has already reoriented and upgraded from investment to the operation of the commercial properties---a solid step forward.

    Forty years of effort, the group has incubated a series of Sunlink branded commercial properties with long holding and long-term profit.During these decades,the group has strategically expanded the boarder of our business with the exploration on commerce and investment, which has always been supported by our robust industrial foundation. All these years, Sunlink insists on the philosophy of better living, aiming to create a dynamic and harmonious team and a sustainable value with grateful heart.

    Facing the future ahead, Sunlink will stand firm on commercial property, commerce and investment, a tripod system for our development,to maintain a stable business and never-stop advancement. Sunlink will always be the excellent enterprise that grows with the society.